Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Why Won't My Order And/Or Credit Card Go Through?

The number one issue that occurs 99.9% of the time when your credit card won’t go through in our store is that the address you entered as your “Billing Address” does not match the exact physical address and zip code that your bank or financial institution currently has on file for you and mails your bill to each month.

This address and zip code must match exactly or else your order will not go through.

Double-check the address with your bank and try your order again, we can almost guarantee it will go through.

I Tried To Place An Order And It Wouldn’t Go Through. Now There Are X Amount Of Charges Showing Up On My Credit Card Statement, One Each For The X Number Of Times I Tried To Place My Order But Couldn’t. What Gives? Did You Just Rip Me Off?

Don’t freak out. You were not charged and no funds have been taken out of your bank.

What you’re seeing are the X number of failed transactions that you attempted that were refused by our online credit card system.

These failed transcations are sitting in a queue in your bank or financial institution’s computer system and have not gone through yet, they are only “pending.”

As soon as your bank processes these pending charges they will be designated “cancelled” or “failed” and removed from your bank/credit card statement.

Again, no money has been taken from or charged to your account for these failed transactions.

What Shipping Service Do You Use?

We ship using USPS because they ship to APO, FPO, AP, etc. addresses and a lot of other shipping companies do not. They also provide tracking information for their packages that can be checked via the USPS website.

How Long Will It Take For My Order To Ship And/Or Arrive?

Our orders ship within 24 to 48 hours of being placed whenever possible. If it’s a three-day weekend or the middle of a zombie apocalypse outbreak or an item is back-ordered it might take a little bit longer.

Packages normally take between 2 and 10 business days to reach their destination in the contiguous U.S.

Do You Ship To APO/FPO/AP/etc. addresses?

Yes, we do and for the exact same price as regular domestic addresses.

Plus, we also usually throw in a couple extra freebies for our fans serving overseas whenever we can

If you’re worried about not having enough room for your APO/FPO address in the “Shipping Address” section during checkout you can always type it into the “Comments” section on our checkout page just to be safe.

Do You Ship To Non-Military Addresses Outside Of The U.S.?

Not at the present time.


Can I Get A "Rush" Delivery On My Order?

As stated above, we use USPS First Class and Priority Mail for all of our packages and both move pretty quickly.

We don’t offer any rush type of services (e.g. 2nd Day, Overnight, etc.) at this time.

Do You Guys Accept Returns?

Yes, we do. Just send us an email via our Contact Page and we’ll give you all the info on how to return you item.

If you are returning a t-shirt or other clothing item please know that you MUST have kept the item in a COMPLETELY SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT and you MUST return the item in its PRISTINE ORIGINAL CONDITION.

If you don’t follow both of these instructions we cannot accept the exchange.

I Received The Wrong Item. What Gives?

Email us using our Contact Page.

We try to make sure that every order that we ship is packaged and fulfilled correctly.

However, we are only human (and kind of dumb humans at that), so shoot us an email at we’ll fix your order in a jiffy.

An Item I Ordered Arrived Missing A Piece And/Or Damaged. What Do I Do Now?

Send us an email using our Contact Page.

Be sure to include your order number, the name of the item that is defective, and a brief description of the problem.

And we’ll help get you squared away in no time.

Can I Have Free Stuff?

No, but thanks for asking. 🙂